Destinations in Myanmar

Is Myanmar the new Thailand?

For years, the tourism is booming in Thailand. Neighboring countries such as Laos or benefit Cambodia, which can also look forward to more and more guests from the ever increasing number of visitors. A country was found long ago but remained outside. There is talk of Myanmar, formerly Burma.

In the state under the rule of the military ventured only a few. Those who made ​​the trip, also was often unsafe to do the right thing because the opposition once used to call for tourism boycott. Even if they took the back again later, many years did nothing. That changed in 2011, however, abruptly. With the surprising start political reform, the run began on one of the last undiscovered destinations in Southeast Asia. And quite right.

Because Myanmar has to offer, which belongs to a memorable trip. Great scenery, beautiful beaches, stunning temples, an interesting culture and incredible hospitality.
Must-See Spots in Myanmar

Even if you pack your backpack and want to Myanmar travel, you experience here are five destinations that you should have seen.

All talk of Angkor in Cambodia, but the temples in Bagan are no less impressive. Between the 11th and 13 Century were built there on a 40 km area around 4,400 temples. A large number fell to decay, looting and a massive earthquake mid-70s to the victim in the course of time. A census has shown, however, that today is about half of that. A visit to the facilities is impressive, especially in the morning or in the afternoon.

In the midday heat, you look for the best a shady restaurant with lounge or hammock, because at temperatures above 40 degrees also makes the most beautiful temple little fun.

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