Colonial splendor – The Peninsula Hotel in Manila

Arrival at Manila International Airport. I am expecting one of the largest airports in the world. Here business as usual is announced, the typhoon tragedy of 2013 is overtaken from everyday life. 30 degrees, winter escape now succeeded, everything here is incredibly different. We live in the Hotel Peninsula Manila. Huge buildings growing out of glass and steel in the sky.

The size of the city is impressive. We are not picked up at the airport, yet it feels right after arrival than cared-VIP. A waiter in a white uniform takes over our suitcases. In the entree behind the glass door presents itself colonial splendor. The hotel is located in a central location of the giant Moloch Manila. Makati called the district and is located near the banking and financial district, but also directly in the main shopping street.

The hotel has 498 rooms and suites and one of the most beautiful lobbies in the world is the perfect place for a small coffee shop or drink in between. It is three stories high and with great colonial similar ceiling decoration. In the area there are many large established first class hotels such as the Shangri La.

Over the years nearly $ 200 million has been invested in renovation and expansion work on the Peninsula. All vehicles are checked up to the roof from the subfloor before directions – obviously there are more prominent visitors than us in the house.

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